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Van Nuys, California


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Advisors: Lois & Team Gaggle

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 Girl Scouting Factoids


Special Days in Girl Scouting

October 31 - Juliette Low's birthday.  Juliette Low was the founder of Girl Scouts.  This day is also known as   Founders Day.

February 22 - Thinking Day.  This is a special day for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world to think          about each other.  This is the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell and his sister Agnes.  Robert and Agnes started the       first troop of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in England.

March 12 - Girl Scout birthday.  In 1912, 18 girls registered as the first Girl Scouts in the United States.

March 12 - Girl Scout Week, Celebrated each year during the week of March 12.


April 22 - Girl Scout Leader's Day.  This is a time to thank the volunteers for all the hard work they have done in   helping you.


Girl Scout Traditions

As Girl Scouts you will do many fun things and get to learn about people, places, the environment, and most of all, yourself! You will do these things as a group.

Juliette Low knew how important it was to use special signs and words to help girls feel like they were a part of a group. Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world use special signs to communicate in the same language. The following definitions will help you understand more about some of the words we use and how and when each sign is used.


A formal way of greeting other Girl Scouts or Girl Guides. Shake left hands and give the Sign with the Right hand.

The Girl Scout Sign is a symbol of The Girl Scout Promise. Hold up the right hand with the first three fingers up--each finger stands for one part of the Promise. Use the Sign whenever making the Promise.
Girl Scouts of the United States of America use the following slogan, "do a good turn daily."
  Quiet Sign
A way to let girls and parents know it is time to be quiet. When a leader raises her right hand and keeps it raised until each person sees the sign, stops talking, and raises their hand until everyone is quiet.
"Be Prepared"
  Swaps                                                                                                                           Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.
A job or chore done during a meeting, trip or project.
A non-registered child attending a Girl Scout event.
Friendship Circle
Girl Scouts, both girls and adults, stand in a circle holding hands, which stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all around the world.  This is usually done for meeting closings
  Buddy System
Girl Scouts always use this safety practice of staying together. Always used on field trips.
Juliette Low World Friendship Fund
A national voluntary fund drive to promote international friendship and understanding.
Activities which prepare girls to move to the next Girl Scout level.
A pad or mat to sit on when the ground is damp or dusty. Can be made from old newspapers, an old pair of shorts, or a towel.
The ceremony where a girl becomes a Girl Scout by making the Promise and receiving a membership pin.
Buddy System
Girl Scouts always use this safety practice of staying together. Always used on field trips.
The ceremony where a girl renews to Girl Scouting by making the Promise and Law.