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Every year the troop votes whether to do Camp Josepho Weekends, our most popular fundraisers for the year.  Camp Josepho is a weekend of full resident camp that Walawi continues to choose to do two weekends a year, one in January and one in April.  If the girls vote to do this event, it is mandatory for all troop members to participate because we are making the commitment to 200 campers to provide them with a wonderful, memorable weekend, and we need every troop member’s full participation.  There are few exceptions to this rule.


Cottontail is a weekend directed by 2 or 3 girls.  They design the weekend: everything from the theme, the all camp crafts and activities to the menu and the awards.  The other seniors are the cabin counselors and plan the program for their individual cabins and are with the girls the entire weekend with the exception of 2 or 3 waking hours and sleep time.  The seniors sleep together in the counselors’ cabin.  The counselors also provide Friday and Saturday programs and rededication, as well as Sunday’s Scouts’ Own. 

This event provides important leadership positions and Camp Josepho continues to be one of Walawi’s most popular and best loved weekends; they still vote every year to do 2 camps.  Younger girls love to have the older girls for their counselors, and the counselors enjoy the love and admiration that the younger scouts provide.  Walawi girls continue to be wonderful role models for bridging Brownies and Juniors.  This is definitely a win-win event for all concerned!




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