WalawiTroop 823

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Girl Scouting is an experience, and what better way to spend it than with Walawi, Senior Girl Scout Troop  823?

We are a “Panorama” Troop, which means out trips and activities focus both on the land and the sea.  Every  year our program includes activities such as Service Unit events, camping trips, Destination  Unknowns,  Interest Project workshops, crafts, Rose Parade Float decorating, service projects, LA by night  and a 9-day  summer trip. We also host 2 “Cottontail” cabin camping weekends for younger girls and Troop Adventure  Camp at Camp  Lakota.

We are always ready to try new things. We are active participants at both Tambu and GAM, while always remembering the value of having fun. The main attraction of Walawi, however, are the members (38 this year) who make up the true spirit of the Troop and carry on the traditional values of Girl Scouting, and to create lasting friendships, and togetherness.

All girls are encouraged to try a leadership role through elections held twice each year for troop officers who will lead our troop, and as members of committees and task groups in our Service Unit and Council. Only our calendars, creativity and budget limit our plans.